Theratome Innovation

Theratome technology is rooted in the body’s natural healing process.

The innovation captures the protective and healing factors that adult human stem cells naturally produce in a cell-free, biologic drug.

Manufacturing, shipping, storage, and usage of the resulting therapeutic all conform to standard industry practices, minimizing barriers to adoption.

In doing so, Theratome Bio aims to unlock a new paradigm for disease treatment.

Theratome Bio

Here’s what one emergency room doctor says about Theratome Bio’s innovation:

“I see stroke victims on a daily basis, and know the enormous empty space when it comes to acute treatment. The only current therapy is time constrained, requires a CT scan prior to administration, has low impact overall on functional improvement, and has potential to cause life threatening side effects. Thera-101 could address each of those challenges, while also expanding the stroke treatment window from 4.5 hours to within 36 hours of onset of symptoms.  This would dramatically increase the number of patients eligible for treatment, and presumably improve outcomes.”


Tom Heniff, MD, MBA

President Boone County Emergency Medicine

Emergency Department Medical Director

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Our lead product has demonstrated groundbreaking potential in neurological conditions