Competitive Advantage

TheratomeTM technology is protected by a growing list of issued and pending patents related to cell source, manufacturing process, and therapeutic use.

Theratome Bio

In contrast to traditional cell-based therapies, Theratome:

    • Is ready-to-use
    • Has immediate bioavailability
    • Is stored at normal freezer temperatures. ¬†Cells conversely require freezing at liquid nitrogen temperatures (cryo-genic), which is costly, inconvenient, and not readily available at all treatment centers
    • Has no risk loss of viability to the product during thawing. Cell viability can be affected during the thaw from cryo-genic freezing
    • Is cell-free, and repeat dosing has been shown to have no risk of immune response
    • Offers manufacturing and distribution methods that better align with existing pharma business models

The People Behind it all

Our team continues to make groundbreaking innovations while keeping our business patient-centered, community driven while maintaining our integrity