Regenerative Medicine
Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
Designed to:

– Address both causes and symptoms of disease

– Promote the rescue and repair of tissues from ischemic and inflammatory challenges
that are key components of many disease pathologies.

Maximize positive outcomes through AI-enhanced targetting of disease biomarkers
and therapeutic selection

About Us

Theratome Bio (Theratome) is a development-stage therapeutics company based in Florida, focused on next generation regenerative medicine using artificial intelligence. In 2023, The Company has changed from a research-focused company to a commercial-focused organization. The top priorities of Theratome are developing a product/device that can double the shelf life of transplanted organs, and addressing dry eye disease, which affects more than 16 million Americans.

Our Science

What are Secretomes?

Secretomes is a regenerative medicine product expressed by cells and secreted into the extracellular space. They consist of sets of proteins, micro-RNAs, exosomes, and metabolites. Dr. Keith March discovered the potential therapeutic activity of adult stem cell-derived secretomes, which were initially called “Paracrine Factors”, first published in 2003.

The first generation of secretomes were derived from individual patients and used for multiple indications. Theratome has developedsecond generation secretomes, which are optimized by specific stimulation protocols and further refined by removing components that are not desired. For example, a dry eye product (KM102) is a secretome from which angiogenic and neurogenic properties are selectively deleted/diminished and anti-inflammatory components are optimized.

Theratome Bio

Technology increases the shelf life of heart organs from four to eight hours

Commercial Opportunities

The Secretome product line offers important clinical advantages including tailored formulations for specific diseases, rapid bioavailability of the beneficial therapeutic factors, consistency of manufactured product, and simplified storage compared to viable cell or tissue therapeutics.

The Company is currently focused on advancing its pipeline in organ transplant preservation and dry eye disease. Should Theratome have additional financial resources, the active pipeline could include ARDS, ALS and Stroke.

People Behind Innovation

Michael T. Redman
Chief Executive Officer

Keith March
Scientific Founder

Michael Coleman
Chief Scientific Officer

Jacob Agris

Donald Payne
Chief Financial Officer



To be announced soon…

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